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Pool - Hotel & Apartment Pool Management

Managing a pool for hotels and apartment complexes is a delicate endeavour that requires the utmost reliability. Nothing is more inviting to a guest or tenant than a perfect swimming pool. Well maintained amenities positively affect your brand, reliability is everything. You need a company with the expertise and experience to handle the swimming facility efficiently and professionally. We are that company. Through our turnkey service, we'll manage your pool with maximized safety and no hassle, overseeing all aspects of operation including hiring, training and paying of the lifeguard staff. To put it simply, an inviting swimming pool is the focal point of your property.

Worry less and swim more. Contact Continental Pools for a free estimate.

"I have personally used Continental Pools as our pool management company for the last 4 years throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area. Continental Pools is a very reliable company." Emily Stone, Property Manager, Grosvenor Towers, Rockville, Maryland
"Thanks to your fair price and good workmanship, we are very pleased with the relationship that has developed over the last three years with your company." Julie Peternick, President, Whitley Park Condominium Association
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