Choosing the Right
Pool Contractor

Do they have a proven track record of delivering what they promise?

Be careful of the off-shoots and the start-ups. Effective and efficient pool management has a lot of moving parts that take time to perfect. Newer pool companies will experience years filled with growing pains. Don’t let that occur at your expense.

The successful operation of your commercial pool depends largely upon the decisions you make well before spring clean up. Staffing, supervision, inspections and insurance are just some of the issues that can have an effect on the outcome of your next pool season. These and other fundamental factors can affect your desired results for years to come. A resilient group of lifeguards and a well maintained site will keep pool users coming through the gates for years. Plus, strategic planning and a safe operation will improve your litigation resistance.

Managing your pool successfully is largely based on the framework of the firm and their ability to deliver. Your contractor selection should be based on the experience level of the company’s key personnel and, more importantly, the culture of the firm. They should be able to bring their “A-Game” of customer service and safety every single day. It’s one thing to have a plan to supervise the lifeguard staff, and another to deliver. A youthful pool staff needs constant encouragement and inspired leaders that understand the importance of conveying appreciation. Without continuous attention and direction, simple distractions can become management issues.

Look for the larger firms with decades of experience delivering quality service to pools like yours. Established companies have the knowledge, practice and understanding. Their growing pains are over; let that be your advantage.


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