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Two Men – Pool Construction Contractors

The swimming pool construction, repair and restoration business is mostly unregulated. Even if a company says they are licensed, there is little regulation from government officials when it comes to repairs. No government agency or local inspector drops by or is invited to check a repair. The exception is the annual pre-opening health department inspections for some, not all, commercial pools. In addition, a commercial inspector's time is commonly shared with the requirements of other industries like restaurants, schools, workplaces, and dry cleaners. What all that means is that mostly all routine repairs and a lot of renovations are conducted "under the radar." Sure there are rules pool professionals are "supposed" to follow, we refer to these as the industry standards, but these are subject to interpretation. The burden is on you, the property manager, the homeowner or Board of Directors to make certain that the right repairs are approved and subsequently properly performed. The best way to ensure this is to hire a company with an impeccable reputation, glowing references as well as a current contractor's license. Financial stability plus significant legal and insurance resources is also of paramount importance when selecting the right company. Continental Pools is that company. We are happy to share our gallery with you. And keep in mind that our quotes and advice are always free.

"They were very professional and courteous, and when I had questions they explained them in detail. They also took the time to explain everything about what they were going to do." Debra Jones, Warwick Village Apartments, Newport News, VA
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