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When you're a lifeguard ... you're on track to future success!

No Experience Necessary - We train and certify you in first aid, CPR, and other essential lifeguarding skills


Learn While You Earn

Get the work and life experience employers are looking for! Continental Pools gives our lifeguards unlimited opportunities to develop desirable job skills. Work ethic, Leadership, Teamwork, Time Management, Emergency Management and Interpersonal Skills are just some of the skills we provide.

So Much Fun, It's Not Like a Job at All

Get paid to spend your summer in the sun! As a Continental Pools lifeguard, you’ll help keep swimmers safe alongside friends and your new CPI family. Our season is Memorial Day to Labor Day and the timing is perfect for high school and college breaks.

Work Full Time, Part Time or Sometimes

Continental Pools understands the importance of flexible scheduling. We can adjust your work hours to accommodate any commitments, vacations or other activities you have scheduled this summer.

  • Change your schedule according to your availability
  • Choose your employment status:
    • Full time, 40 hours per week
    • Part time, less than 30 hours per week
    • Some times, variable hours per week

At CPI, You're Part of the Family

As a leading pool management provider throughout the eastern U.S., Continental Pools takes pride in fostering a community spirit among employees at all levels of the organization. When we all work together, our guests receive the highest level of service and safety.

Our lifeguards work closely together and perform as a team, all the while making new friends. We always provide easy access to instructors and supervisors and there is continuous hands-on training all season long.

We've Got Your Back

At Continental Pools, you’re never alone. We make sure our lifeguards are constantly supported with whatever help or advice they might need, and they are completely comfortable with their abilities, duties and the operations of their assigned facilities.

  • 3-day certification training
  • Continued training throughout the summer
  • Site-specific poolside orientation
  • Multiple layers of supervision
  • 3 supervisor visits per week
  • Management can be called for assistance 8:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m., with an emergency call line after hours

Please click on the link above for Lifeguard Applications. You can also email our staffing department here for more information or with questions. Or call us toll free at 1-800-640-0062 for the Maryland/Massachusetts staffing team, 1-877-780-7665 for Northern Virginia and 1-888-217-3360 for the Southern Virginia office.


Corporate Headquarters/Maryland Operations

8520 Corridor Road, Suite B
Savage, MD 20763
P 301-498-1000 | F 301-498-2709

Regional Headquarters/ Northern Virginia Operations

14120 Parke Long Court, Suite 111
Chantilly, VA 20151
P 703-321-7040 | F 703-321-7004

Regional Headquarters/Southern Virginia Operations

4805 Market Drive
Newport News, VA 23607
P 757-213-8181 | F 757-244-0877

Regional Headquarters/Massachusetts Operations

17 Cranes Court
Woburn, MA 01801
P 781-933-5005 | F 571-730-5942

Payroll Office

8520 Corridor Road, Suite C
Savage, MD 20763
P 301-498-1000 | F 301-498-2709

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