Waterslide – Public Pool Maintenance

Government, Waterpark & Health Clubs

Your greatest asset needs great management.

Waterslide – Public Pool Maintenance

The biggest job at public pools, private clubs and water parks is attracting guests. The easiest way to do so is with a clean, safe and well maintained pool. At Continental Pools, we have the expertise, experience and clout to successfully maintain your pool with maximized safety and no hassle. Our stellar service handles all aspects of operations including daily care for your sparkling waters. We have all the necessary equipment and employ procedures that minimize down time.. We'll ensure every guest has a wonderful time, which in turn, will ensure your attendance improves.

Worry less and swim more. Contact Continental Pools for a free estimate.

"A private club can be very demanding in that expectations exist that a pool manager be able to provide a wonderful swim environment but that he also have the ability to be an ambassador for the club around the pool area. Britza (CP employee) has the ability to make people feel welcome and comfortable." Daniel A. Taylor, General Manager, The Suburban Club
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