Lifeguarding - A Stepping Stone to Great Things

Lifeguarding as a Stepping Stone to Great Things - Check out these reasons why lifeguarding is a great employment opportunity!

  • No experience necessary, training provided - Lifeguarding requires no prior experience so it’s the perfect summer job. Continental Pools provides all the training necessary to become a lifeguard including CPR, first-aid, AED training, and water rescue techniques.
  • Learn life skills - Lifeguards are required to be responsible, diligent, and professional. The experiences they acquire through their employment can be applied in both their personal lives and many other professional fields.
  • Establishing work ethic - Not only does this position establish work ethic, but it also emphasizes the importance of time management and interpersonal skills. Punctuality, teamwork, and good decision making are just some of the essential skills that will be put into practice as a professional lifeguard.
  • Communication, customer service, and conflict resolution - Our lifeguards learn how to properly interact with patrons, solve problems properly, and communicate effectively.
  • Learn a trade - Professional, certified, lifeguards are in demand. Lifeguarding jobs can be found consistently nationwide, and provide a great fallback option for students or during periods of transition.
  • Opportunities for advancement within the organization - Once a lifeguard is a part of our team, he or she will be exposed to a vast network of people. Many of our guards enjoy working for us so much that they come back year after year, providing them the opportunity to advance within our organization. Most of our company officers and senior management team started as lifeguards.
  • Spend the Summer in the sun - Why stay cooped up indoors for the Summer? Enjoy the Summer outdoors, and earn money while you’re at it!

Sign up today because lifeguarding is a stepping
stone to great things!

Please click on the link above for Lifeguard Applications. You can also email our staffing department here for more information or with questions. Or call us toll free at 1-800-640-0062 for the Maryland/Massachusetts staffing team, 1-877-780-7665 for Northern Virginia and 1-888-217-3360 for the Southern Virginia office.


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