Maximum Lifeguard Training

Great lifeguards for a great time.

Maximum Lifeguard Training – Pool Safety and Insurance

To fulfill on our promise of ultimate safety, we've created a lifeguard training program that exceeds standards.

Rescue Ready Lifeguards

Our lifeguards understand that while they are on duty, they must be rescue ready at all times. Rescue Ready means that the lifeguard must be at their station, in a uniform that identifies them as the on-duty lifeguard, with the rescue tube strapped on, and alert at all times.

10/20 Protection Rule

Scanning and recognition of a swimmer in distress are a lifeguard's most important skills. The 10/20 Protection Rule provides the guideline our lifeguards follow for protecting pool patrons. This rule states that the lifeguard has 10 seconds to scan their Zone of Protection and recognize a swimmer in distress and then has 20 seconds to rescue that victim. Early recognition and quick reaction is the primary component to a successful rescue.

Unannounced Safety Audits

The continued training, reinforcement of rescue skills, and support for our lifeguard staff are keys to a safe and successful season.

Our in-house training staff audits the performance of our lifeguard staff throughout the season. Our auditing teams have been empowered to revoke the certifications of lifeguards if they fail to meet the standards of performance or if they are unable to demonstrate the skills necessary to manage a hypothetical rescue scenario.


Our supervisory staff members visit each facility at random to evaluate the safety and operational conditions of each facility. They are a valuable resource for our lifeguard staff. Supervisors are key to the development of the lifeguards' operational skills.

Continuous Training

In order for our lifeguard staff to maintain their certifications, our lifeguard complete in-service training modules. This is generally performed at a rate of 1 hour per week. Some facilities conduct a 2-hour training session every 2 weeks. You may encounter one of our "In-Service" training drills at your pool. We'll conduct these practice drills at "live" pools, like yours, simulating an actual emergency in real conditions. Our Supervisors use life-like silhouettes to practice surveillance techniques and we use each other to brush up on extrication skills. We'll even practice CPR with lifelike "dummies". We continue practicing our lifesaving techniques and our emergency response protocol all year long. So don't be alarmed, we're just practicing. If you would like to learn more about our continued training, just ask we're proud of what we do.

Well Rounded Employees

We "sweat the small stuff" and make sure our lifeguards are set up for success.

Rule Enforcement

Our lifeguards are taught successful methods for enforcement, such as the 3 strikes policy for rule breakers. Students are taught to be diplomatic, consistent, and fair when explaining and enforcing pool rules.

Customer Service Training

Our customer centric approach is shared with our lifeguard staff to ensure professional staff members that demonstrate basic leadership skills at all times.

Cleaning & Operational Procedures

These responsibilities and procedures are explained in detail to ensure that the facility is safe and sanitary at all times.

"Your people, in my opinion have earned an A+. I look forward to seeing your equally good lifeguards next year." William Adler, Pembrooke Board of Directors
"They know what they are doing and the lifeguards are very dependable. I don’t have to worry about the pool or staffing." Carolyn Leonard, Stone Run East, Weymouth, MA


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