Avoid Spring Pitfalls to Enjoy A Great Summer

So you have already hired your swimming pool management vendor, and you are ready to hit the ground running... Here are a few tips and reminders to make sure you really are ready to have a great Summer!

1. Pool Repairs

Have you received a Spring forecast for repairs and parts at your swimming facility? Is it updated? Your vendor should have communicated any issues or areas of concern to you in the Fall, and updated that list for the Spring to account for any changes that may have arisen over the Winter. Make sure you discuss this list with your vendor, and that you understand the items and have all the information to make good decisions. Have your vendor meet you onsite and SHOW you what you are unsure of. However, it doesn’t end there. You have to make the decision, and the sooner the better. Spring is the only time of year with a finite deadline for work to be completed. Late approvals for repairs or parts can jeopardize a timely opening, especially for large jobs or subcontracted work. There IS a cutoff date, and you don’t want to run up against it. Get your list, know your list, and make your decisions in a timely fashion. The worst decision is to make no decision.

2. Housekeeping

Your vendor may have some tasks for you to complete to prepare for Opening Day. Is your pool phone on and working? Do all of your lights turn on? Do all of the fixtures in your bathhouse work properly? Have you ordered and stocked your supplies for the season? Is all of your pool furniture in proper working condition? Have you removed the pieces that aren’t? Have you removed all the non swimming pool related items from your facility that may have been stored there over the Winter? Are your doors, access points, and perimeter fencing, in good working condition? These are all items that are normally outside of your pool contractor’s realm of responsibility. Think about them early, as well as any improvements you would like to make to your facility, to ensure that everything is prepared for your patrons.

3. Pool Passes and Rules

Any revisions to your rules or policies should be decided upon and communicated effectively to your patrons prior to issuing passes. If you plan on making changes to your pool pass system, the time to prepare is now, so that the issuance of passes goes smoothly. It is strongly suggested that at the time of issuance, your members/patrons fill out all documentation fully, as well as a waiver of liability to protect you, your Ownership, and your vendor from frivolous lawsuits. Don’t let Opening Day arrive without the execution of a proper pool pass and access plan. It is essential that every person that uses your pool agree in writing to your rules and policies, and be accounted for. Help the lifeguards do their job by making sure you have a great pool pass system and strong rules to back them.

4. Communication

The most important component of any relationship is communication. Clear and effective communication can help prevent and overcome even the most troublesome obstacles, especially when faced with the pressure of imminent deadlines. There should be a main point of contact, readily available to your vendor, who should be able to discuss all aspects of your swimming pool management. There may be a need to contact someone “after-hours”, and the procedure for that should also be discussed. Your vendor should communicate any repairs or improvements to you in writing or via email. Any direction or approvals for work to be completed should be communicated clearly and, again, in writing or via email to your vendor. The deadline of Opening Day approaches very quickly once work begins, and time is of the essence. Miscommunications or failures to communicate can lead to unnecessary delays.

A healthy partnership with your swimming pool management vendor is the key to a successful Spring and a safe and happy Summer season. Don’t wait for the weather to turn nice to start thinking about it…think about these things now so that you’re prepared to take advantage of the nice weather!


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