Advancements in Residential Technology

SEAL SwimSafe™

Safer swimming through technology.

It’s not easy keeping kids safe in your backyard pool while giving them the freedom and confidence to swim. The new Seal SwimSafe™ System provides an added layer of protection while you watch your children enjoying the pool. These innovative bands can detect when a swimmer has been submerged too long, and they instantly sound an alarm to provide monitoring parents with an extra aid to help keep their children safe.

How the SEAL SwimSafe™ System works.

The patented Swim Band worn by swimmers uses RFAO technology to stay in contact with the SwimSafe™ Hub. The bands can be set to 4 different swim levels. Each allows for varying lengths of submergence. When a swimmer stays under water past the number of seconds allowed, lights flash and an alarm goes off. There’s no installation necessary and the band is adjustable to accommodate different children as well as growth.

See it in action

Pool technology keeps evolving.

We stay informed of the latest research, equipment and best practices to help you get more fun out of your backyard pool. You can read about our latest findings on this page. Stay tuned.

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