Residential Maintenance

Together we’ll create crystal blue bliss.

Our residential maintenance services deliver one very important thing: the ability to enjoy your beautiful backyard at a moment’s notice. We provide expert water care and pool maintenance services for pool owners in Howard County, Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County and Baltimore County. We even venture to a few other cities like northwest Washington DC, Mclean, VA and Great Falls, VA. If you live in these service areas, our highly trained and courteous techs can help eliminate some of the work that goes into pool ownership—while leaving you with all the fun.

We service. You swim.

Browse our services below and request a bid to get on our schedule. We’ll ensure your pool is ready for swimming when you are.

Weekly Pool Maintenance – $125/visit

At Continental Pools, we like to say, “Worry Less and Swim More”. And our weekly maintenance programs are designed to allow just that. We’ll perform pesky tasks for you, including:

  • Check and adjust water quality including sanitizers and shock treatments
  • Provide and install balancing chemicals for pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness.
  • Clean skimmer and pump baskets & automatic cleaners
  • Backwash filters and check system operation
  • Conduct full-service cleaning including power vacuum, brush, and skimming

If you have a solid automatic pool cover and/or an automatic pool cleaner, ask about our $75 system and chemical service option.

Basic Spring Pool Opening – $450*

We’ll gladly take on the hassle of getting your pool open and ready for summer. Early spring is the optimal time as opening ‘cold’ creates the best water quality. (Algae blooms increase with increasing temperatures.)

With this package, we’ll perform the following handy services:

  • Remove and fold your safety cover & screw down deck anchors
  • Remove winter plugs & reassemble filter system for start up
  • Add booster doses of chlorine shock & adjust pH if needed
  • Check the system and equipment operation

*Please note: Pool Opening is a single visit service. We strongly advise you to schedule at least one follow up visit for best results.

Basic Fall Pool Closing – $450

Proper closing is critical if you want to protect your pool plumbing, equipment and waterline tile from winter weather. Our highly skilled service techs follow best practices to save you future headaches.

Here’s what we’ll do for you:

  • Lower water level as appropriate for pool/cover design
  • Blow out plumbing and add antifreeze to skimmers
  • Install winter plugs at pool fittings and remove drain plugs at equipment
  • Add initial algaecide treatment
  • Cover pool and store summer equipment

Winter Maintenance Program – $375

If you want to open your pool faster in the spring, let us take care of it this winter. Continental Pools will perform three (3) winter service visits designed to reduce start-up time.

Each of our visits includes the following services:

  • Water removal from top of solid cover & lower water level if needed
  • Add booster doses of chlorine shock & adjust pH if needed
  • Check the system and equipment & add antifreeze to skimmers if needed

Additional Services to save you time.

When your pool has you stumped or needs a little extra TLC, we’ll provide the necessary pool love to get your backyard back to bliss in no time.

1.5 Hour troubleshooting – $100 (each additional hour = $100)
Pool Spa Combo Open – $500
Pool Spa Combo Close – $500
Return Visit for Cleaning Pool – $125
Return Visit for Cleaning Cartridges – $125
Charge to Winterize In-Floor Cleaning System – $75
Cable System up to 40’ – $75
Pool Plaster Service Visit – $125
Vanishing Edge/Perimeter Overflow Charge – $250

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