Everyone deserves our care & respect.

At Continental Pools, we insist on giving every pool patron, client and staff member the respectful attention they deserve.

Discover Continental Pools

Welcome to Continental Pools

We want the experience of working with us, whether it’s as a customer or staff member, to be a positive and rewarding one.

This is why we now call our Regional Managers, Customer Experience Managers. We’ve also renamed our staff coordinators, Lifeguard Experience Managers. How you feel when you engage with Continental Pools is as important to us as providing high quality lifeguarding, lifeguard training, commercial and residential pool services. After all, we don’t think of you as pool patrons, clients and staff members. We consider you family.

Our Mission

Every Continental Pools employee will be treated with the same concern, respect and caring attitude within the organization that they are expected to share externally with every pool patron and customer.

Whether you seek commercial or residential services, crystal clear water is our specialty.

Commercial Pools

We’re your one-stop-shop and we will professionally manage your swimming facility, providing a safe and enjoyable summer.

Residential Pools

We specialize in protecting your home’s biggest investment through routine service and long-term improvements.

We’re looking for a few good great lifeguards.

“Because they are quick to respond and very good about notifying us about deficiencies, if I had my way, I would have them run every community I manage.”- SOVA Client
“The supervisors and trainers are so friendly. They make you feel appreciated and motivated to be the best lifeguard you can be. It’s always comforting to feel that someone believes in you and, in turn, you feel like you have value and purpose!”- Employee
``If there are any problems they are always there.`` - MD Client
``Continental pools is an amazing company that provides not only support but a safe and fun learning environment for lifeguards and patrons.``- Employee
``I haven't had one complaint. I love how they keep me posted on my computer. Whenever I've been to the pool it has looked wonderful. I wish I could use them at other locations.``- Resorts Client
“The people that work here are helpful, encouraging, and care about your success.” - Employee
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