International Lifeguards

Why Choose Continental Pools?

We allow you to come live with your friends and pick the region you will work in.

Once you are hired by us you become part of the Continental Pools family. We will pick you up from the airport and take you to our camp for orientation and in-service training (usually 1 to 2 days). During your stay at camp, you are provided with 3 meals a day, facilities for sleeping and bathing. Once your orientation is completed and your housing is available, you will be driven to your apartment for the summer. Your apartment will have an individual phone, real beds, sheets, kitchen supplies, plates, cups, and furniture. Soon after you arrive at your housing you will be assigned to your swimming pool for the summer. Your supervisor will conduct individual training at your pool so you will know everything you are responsible for before you start work. During the summer, your supervisor will come to your pool almost every day to help you and make sure you are comfortable and happy. You will also have a Lifeguard Experience Manager assigned to you and they will provide you with your work schedule.

We have a J-1 coordinator in every office that will be able to help you participate in fun trips on your days off. Students are able to enjoy amusement parks, beaches, museums, shopping, even kayaking. Almost 90% of our recruiters also come to work for Continental Pools in the summer so they will be available if you need anything. When the summer is over, you can travel and see the USA. We help many students plan fun and safe trips. When it’s time to go home and back to school, we will take you back to the airport for your return flight.

If you have made the choice to come to work in America this summer, the best job is lifeguarding and the best company to work for is Continental Pools. Sign up today because our opportunities are limited. Don’t miss your chance for a great summer!

Continental Pools has a limited number of jobs we are offering to international students

If you are reading this, then you have been selected to come to one of our training classes. If you pass the class, then you will have a job offer for this summer.

Continental Pools started in 1991 with 23 pools and one office. Today, we service over 600 pools with five offices. Our success is due to the fact that we hire great people who do a fantastic job. We get to keep these great people because we treat them like family. They get all of our respect, support, and help. We only want the best people.

Why choose lifeguarding for the summer?

Because it’s a great summer job! You get paid to be outside at a swimming pool for the summer. Would you rather clean hotel rooms, work in a kitchen, work for park services (picking up trash all day) or work as a bathroom attendant? Lifeguarding offers a great opportunity to enjoy being outside, improve your language skills and make great friends in a recreational environment while providing an important service to your guests and their families.

For The Parents

A message from the founders:

Realistic scenarios and simulations make the difference in our program. We believe that lifeguard rescue skills are best learned in the water under the watchful eye of our in-house E&A instructors. International students work with mannequins to gain an understanding of the dynamics of the human body. However, once students gain competency in basic skills, they apply them to real-life simulated incidents. We teach based on realistic scenarios with real people role-playing as victims.

Thank you for allowing your son/daughter to consider traveling to another country this summer. We know this is a big decision and you have had a lot of discussions about this topic. We are both fathers and, as parents, we truly understand that you have many worries and concerns about this decision. We started Continental Pools in 1991 with 23 accounts and 1 office. Today we manage and service over 600 accounts with 4 offices. We employ over 1000 seasonal workers and have over 40 full-time year-round employees.

We started working with international students in 1999. When we first started, we worked with many different recruiters and sponsors. The way the system worked was we would tell a sponsor (US company approved by the US Government to issue DS Forms) we wanted a specific number of students for the summer. They would reach out to their recruiters (based locally in different countries) and make job offers for us and then the students would come. We did this for the first 4 years and really liked all the students but we were not happy with the selection process that was used. The very first time we ever met the students was when they arrived in the USA. We realized we were relying 100% on some other company to interview and hire our students. In 2003 we decided to hire our own recruiters and send our American trainers overseas to meet, interview and train the students. This program has been a huge success for both the students and our company. The students get to meet us and we get to meet them, in their home country, before we decide to work together.

Our direction to all our staff is to treat international students as if they were our own sons or daughters. We ask all our staff the following question “If it was your son or daughter how would you like them to be treated if you sent them to a foreign country for the summer”. If you decide to choose Continental Pools, you have our commitment that we will treat your children the same way we would expect you to treat ours if they worked in your country. Thank you for considering us and we hope to have the chance to serve your child this summer.

If you have any questions about our program you can contact us at any time. We have an email address set up specifically for parents and guardians.

Regions for Job Offers


Montgomery County/Rockville

A suburb of Washington DC, this area is heavily populated with many shops and stores, and easy access to Washington DC via Metro train access. Customers in this region tend to have higher expectations at their facilities. Pools vary in size from small to extremely large.

Baltimore/Howard/Anne Arundel

Baltimore hosts one of the largest and oldest seaports in our country’s history. The Baltimore Inner Harbor is a beautiful and popular tourist area, with many shops, restaurants, museums, and night life activities. Howard and Anne Arundel Counties are suburbs of Baltimore, with access via public transportation. These areas are highly populated and contain their own shopping malls and restaurant districts. Annapolis, in Anne Arundel County, is the capital of Maryland and is rich with history and waterfront districts. Most pools are larger, family-oriented clubs, with their own distinct personalities and expectations.

Prince George’s County

An adjacent suburb of Washington DC, PG County also provides easy public access to DC via the Metro train system. PG County has seen tremendous growth over the past 15 years, with new shopping centers and communities being built regularly. Pools are larger here, with high expectations from residents.

Washington DC – (work only)*

As the seat of our national government and the capital of our nation, Washington DC is built primarily of large corporations and government buildings. DC houses some of our most famous and popular museums and monuments, and is also famous for fine dining and activities. Housing is extremely expensive in DC, and residents are accustomed to very high levels of service and courtesy. Many pools are on the rooftops of buildings, as space is difficult to find.

*Housing will be provided outside of Washington DC

Northern Virginia

NoVA East

This area is a suburb of DC in Virginia, just south and west of the city, across the Potomac River. Old Town Alexandria is known for its historic churches, townhouses, restaurants, gift shops, artist studios, and cruise boats. The waterfront and outdoor recreational amenities such as biking and running trails, whitewater and sea kayaking, and rock climbing areas are focused along the Potomac River. Similar to Montgomery County, most residents work in DC, and there is easy access via the Metro system. Most pools are smaller, single lifeguard facilities.

NoVA West

Another suburb of DC, the NoVA West region is one of the fastest growing regions in the nation, with new home communities being built regularly. Here is located the largest shopping mall in the state and in the Washington-Baltimore area – Tysons Corner Center. Scenic Great Falls Park and The National Air and Space Museum in Fairfax County are also especially noteworthy. This region, similar to PG County, hosts larger communities with larger pools, but also has plenty of shopping, restaurants, and stores to support these large communities.

Southern Virginia

This area starts with Richmond, the capital of Virginia. Deep in history, there are many activities centered around and on historical landmarks of the Civil War of the 1800s. In addition to its Civil War battlefields and museums, Richmond has splendid historic homes, an excellent fine arts museum, a hands-on science museum with state-of-the-art planetarium, and a charming botanical garden. Further south in this Region, is the Williamsburg/Hampton/Newport News area. This area is home to major attractions such as Busch Gardens and Water Country USA, as well as numerous historical museums. It is also home to several military installations. A bit further south is Virginia Beach, a popular tourist haven on the Atlantic Ocean, with shops and beaches. Most pools are single lifeguard facilities.


The MA region is based in the suburbs around Boston, one of our nation’s oldest cities and a popular tourist destination due to its waterfront access, rich history, and unique culture. Most of our pools are outside of Boston, as the downtown area of Boston consists mostly of businesses and retail buildings. The American Revolution began in MA, and you will find a tremendous number of historical landmarks and monuments related to that period in our history. MA is made up of many small townships and communities that are all adjacent to one another. Pools are mostly single guard facilities, and the climate is much milder than in our other regions. It gets hot, but not quite as hot as other places.

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