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For us, innovation has one purpose: to improve the pool experience.

Improving the safety and enjoyment of your aquatic facility is our number one goal. To that end, we are continually searching for products and advancements that can enhance the pool experience for all your patrons. Their fun is our mission.

CellBadge – Your pool pass solution!

Identifying and monitoring who is allowed to have access to the community pool has always presented a challenge for communities across the nation. Traditional standards require countless hours of time and effort to collect paper registration forms from residents followed by the headache of creating and distributing passes before the pool season starts. This annual procedure is both time-consuming and costly.

Continental Pools has partnered with Innovative Aquatic Solutions, the sole distributor of the CellBadge Facility Access System. CellBadge has designed and implemented cutting edge technology to ease the burden of identifying who is allowed to enter community pools.

The CellBadge Pool Pass System allows community leaders to control access via the admin panel of their customized portal with a few easy clicks. Updates are immediate and lifeguards are able to check-in residents and guests with a tablet at the facility gate. Lifeguards can verify identity with pictures in the system, check residents in and out, check guests in and out, and even record chemical levels.

Residents no longer have to carry a physical pass, badge, key tag, or wristband to identify themselves. They simply give their name to the staff at the gate and they can begin enjoying their experience at the facility.

A simple online demo can be arranged by contacting Chris Granados at Innovative Aquatic Solutions at [email protected]

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Pool technology keeps evolving.

We stay informed of the latest research, equipment and best practices to better serve all of our commercial clients. You can read about our latest findings on this page. Stay tuned.

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