Advancements in Commercial Technology

For us, innovation has one purpose: to improve the pool experience.

Improving the safety and enjoyment of your aquatic facility is our number one goal. To that end, we are continually searching for products and advancements that can enhance the pool experience for all your patrons. Their fun is our mission.

The SEAL SwimSafe™ Commercial System

One of the latest advancements in swim safety is The SEAL SwimSafe™ Commercial System. It consists of three critical components: the Swim Band, the Guard Band, and the Hub that work in concert to alert lifeguards that a swimmer is struggling in the water. One Hub can monitor up to 60 swimmers, and will trigger loud alarms and strobes on both the Hub and the Guard Band(s) when a swimmer is in trouble. Bands adjust to fit anyone – from toddlers to elderly swimmers – and are perfect for any sized pool. We love technology that can help create peace of mind.

See it in Action

Pool technology keeps evolving.

We stay informed of the latest research, equipment and best practices to better serve all of our commercial clients. You can read about our latest findings on this page. Stay tuned.

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