Pool Management

Our innovative approach to pool management is unique…

Every year we recruit and train the best lifeguard staff, from all around the world, to be placed at your facility. Managing a pool so it meets safety, health department, and administrative standards is a multifaceted task requiring expertise in operations, liability and staffing. In other words, it isn’t a job for a one-man operation with a pick-up truck that runs pools part-time in the summer. You need a sizable swimming pool management company that’s financially stable, has a long history of top performance and staffing depth, keeps multiple experts in-house and boasts significant legal and insurance resources. Continental Pools is that company.

We ensure that your pool is always code-compliant, never short staffed, and has the most comprehensive insurance policy in the industry. Insurance protection is actually a substantial component of the management fee. In 2018, we are carrying $37 million in general liability insurance. With us, you can rest assured that your pool will be managed with the utmost professionalism. And if you have questions, we’re happy to give you straightforward answers. We’ll fill you in on the real reasons you should hire a professional firm, including detailed descriptions of our latest training techniques, the truth about county inspections, plus some construction tips you might not have heard before.

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Why Choose Continental?

We set our standards higher so your pool is second to none.

At Continental Pools, we continually evaluate our services and consistently exceed industry standards.

FeatureIndustry StandardContinental AdvantageYour Benefit
Lifeguard CertificationOnce every 3 yearsOur lifeguards are certified every yearStaff members are better prepared for potential emergency situations
Facility ReportingHandwritten and turned in weeklyMinimum of two per week, transmitted electronicallyTimely & legible reporting for managers and Board of Directors
Office Hours9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday–Friday8:30 AM to 8:30 PM seven days a weekCommunication and support is available when your pool is open
Management ExperienceMinimal depth and experience at both senior and mid-level management positionsOver 25 years as an industry leader, maintained through consistent training and promoting from withinKnowledgeable, proactive, and innovative management approach
Early Termination ProtectionLiquidated Damages, Penalties and Auto-Renewal ClausesThirty-day no penalty termination clause standard in all contractsContinuous focus on client satisfaction with no strings attached
Management StructureFrequent turnover of management staff with high pool to management ratioMultiple layers of seasoned, experienced managers with a low pool to management ratioMore oversight to ensure quality service
Customer Service FocusNo TrainingCustomer Service Training ProgramA more enjoyable pool experience for all
Pool Side TrainingNoneEach staff member receives facility specific training, documented by a supervisor, on their first day of workAssures that the staff is knowledgeable of your facility rules and requirements
Customer Service SurveysNonePerformed by third party auditor, twice per seasonProvides another conduit for open communication and improvement of service

Our Lifeguards

Continental Pools has raised the bar for lifeguard performance, with a program that far exceeds industry standards.

Our lifeguards are trained according to protocols established by the leading water park risk management company, Jeff Ellis and Associates. We ensure that your pool is fully staffed as contracted.

Continuous Training

In order to maintain their certifications, our lifeguards complete in-service training modules through out the summer. You may encounter one of our training drills at your pool, simulating an actual emergency in real conditions.

“Rescue Ready”

Our lifeguards understand that while they are on duty, they must be rescue ready at all times: at their station in uniform, with the rescue tube strapped on, and always alert.

10/20 Protection Rule

Early recognition and quick reaction to an emergency situation is the primary component to a successful rescue. The 10/20 Protection Rule states that lifeguards have 10 seconds to scan their Zone of Protection and recognize a swimmer in distress and then responds within 20 seconds.


Our supervisory and management staff visits each facility at random to evaluate the safety and operational conditions. In addition, our in-house training staff performs unannounced audits of lifeguards throughout the season.

Customer Service Training

Our customer-centric approach is shared with our lifeguard staff to ensure that they demonstrate basic leadership skills at all times. They are taught to be diplomatic, consistent and fair when explaining and enforcing pool rules.

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