Aug 19

Kingsview HOA Renovation

As industry experts, we were called upon to complete a much needed swimming pool renovation. During the time the lifeguards were not working at the pool, the decision was made to approve our recommendations for a major construction event. The renovation took place during the closure of the pool due... read more →
Mar 09

Pump Room Renovation in Canton, MA

This recent pump room renovation has been a very interesting project. After removing the pool's original filters and pump, we wanted to give this property's pump room a new shine. The inspiration for this project came from Continental Pools' president,... read more →
Nov 12

Plaster Renovation in Frederick, MD

This existing swimming pool was reported to have issues with water loss. We started our investigation with an air/water pressure test. To complete our diagnosis, we used advanced equipment to find numerous hairline cracks in the return network. After the excavation, plumbing... read more →
Nov 05

Plaster Application

Swimming pool renovation has been our specialty for over three decades. We have been keeping our commercial and residential pools safe and structurally sound for generations. One of the processes involves the maintenance/replacement of the interior surface of the swimming... read more →
Sep 18

Modernizing Filter Systems

We recently modernized the filtration system at the Rollingwood pool in Catonsville, Maryland just west of Baltimore. Their previous system was poorly designed with an excessive amount of pipe and fittings from the pump discharge to the return. In addition, the majority... read more →
Jun 15
Dec 14

How to Fix Your Pool Lights

There are several ways to illuminate the pool and pool area. There can be exterior floodlights, landscaping lighting, pole lights, underwater lights and pool house lighting. What we will be reviewing in this article is common underwater lighting in concrete swimming pools and how to fix them.... read more →
Sep 14
Sep 15

Keeping Your Commercial Pool Safe

Safety at the pool is of paramount importance. When commercial property owners (or their agents) think about the overall safety of the swimming pool environment, they must strive to establish a setting where safety... read more →
Jun 15

Swimming Pool Safety and the Modern Family

When I was a kid I loved the summertime; and when I was a kid, summer seemed like a long time. From the end of school field day to the last bus ride home, I couldn’t wait. “Schools out for summer,” I remember hearing that Alice Cooper... read more →
Mar 16
Nov 14

How the 2008 VGB Act Affects Your Swimming Pool in 2014

The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act (VGB Act) went into effect in 2008. This law was established to reduce the incidents of suction entrapment in swimming pools. It affected the main drains, equalizer covers and pool pumps. All commercial pools and spas had to... read more →
Jul 15

Choosing the Right Pool Contractor

Be careful of the off-shoots and the start-ups. Effective and efficient pool management has a lot of moving parts that take time to perfect. Newer pool companies will experience years filled with growing pains.... read more →
Oct 15

Curing Your New Pool Surface

Resurfacing your pool is one of the largest investments you will have regarding your swimming pool. The resulting appearance and longevity of the pool surface is determined by the care provided in the first four weeks after the... read more →
Sep 14

Pool Safety

Each summer, families spend countless hours at the pool in the sun. While pools are meant to be a fun summer amenity, they can pose numerous threats if used without caution. Whether you are swimming in your own backyard or at a communal pool, stay safe this... read more →
Aug 15

Identify Common Leaks at Your Pool Pump

Swimming pool pumps come in many sizes and shapes. Some are big, some are small, but the most common pumps are three horsepower or less and have two threaded connections at the piping system, where the water is drawn in and then pushed out. This... read more →
Sep 15

Calling All Volunteers for Swimming Pools

It may have been a long-standing tradition that the management of your community swimming pool has been largely due to the volunteer efforts of your membership. For the longest time, this may have worked. However, there are many factors that... read more →
Aug 15

Swimming Pool Water Quality Basics

Is there really a product you can add to the pool to detect urine? Unfortunately, no, it does not exist. This has been a tactic used by savvy parents and grandparents to encourage children not use... read more →
Dec 15
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